The digital age and the easy availability of the Internet on desktops and smart phones have seen oodles of people across the globe onto social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, WhatsApp, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. Role of digital marketing has seen a sharp rise. Therefore, the shift of marketing from offline to digital space has not been just a spur of the moment but online digital marketing is here to stay. Needless to say, the social media is a haven for top quality leads for your business!

Understanding role of digital marketing

Digital marketing is simply marketing of product or services using digital channels. The growth trajectory of social media across the globe is tremendous. Why not use this to the advantages of promoting your business? Earlier when advertisements were prepared they were deployed on a particular location with a possible target market. However, now the time has changed and with social media. Furthermore, the capability provided by social media is tremendous –
  • Ability to Target – Means you can pick the age group, location, gender to whom you would like to pitch your advertisement
  • Real time engagement – Let your customer interact with you in real time. It does help to create a better reputation
  • Feedback on ad campaign performance – Insights and statistics give you a very clear picture as to how the ads or promotion is performing
  • Cost of the ad campaign – The budget of your campaigns can be as low in cost as you want. You control the ads – budget, duration and every parameter.
Furthermore, let us try and understand in a simplified manner about its capabilities. Here is how social media can help you market your business efficiently:
Enhance Marketing Reach Locally and Internationally
When you advertise on Facebook or LinkedIn you can target you ads to a local area or can publish them across the globe, generating leads in India or Overseas. Social Media platforms can also generate a lot of free traffic with Facebook business pages or Twitter. People often share and like content of similar interest.
Reduce Marketing Costs with Laser sharp targeting to your Target Market
The ability to laser target ads to your target market demographic will ensure that your ad is shown only to people who are interested in it, and will not waste money on unnecessary clicks.
Create a reputation and establish a strong Brand
As people know your organization name using Social Media and followed up by a good quality product and service delivery will establish you as a brand in your industry (does not matter how small or big, its still your business, right!).
Improve Marketing Strategies and Campaigns with Analytics and Insights
When you run digital marketing campaigns, it is possible to get a feedback as to what your website visitors were doing on your website, this will help you optimize future campaigns.
Where do I go to Digitally market my business?
Digital marketing is a very deep and vast. Need not worry, MarketingPages.Co is here to help you. We have a command when it comes to marketing activities online with our years of experience. We have been more than successful to help the organizations achieve their marketing goals. Why should you approach us? Some of the goals that we have been able to fulfill are listed very briefly –
  1. Boosting the sales of a new or existing business generate maximum profits
  2. Generating new leads for businesses to thrive
  3. Achieving the maximum of business potential through their staff to achieve at max operational efficiency
  4. Engage the customers to improve the system to achieve amazing customer experience
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