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Are you able to do your business in old ways and make high profits? Are you able to meet all your business expenses and yet make enough money? If the answer to these questions is No, consequently a great solution would be to start a business online. You can bank on our ready to use solutions to make this journey for you easy and always have a helping hand. Ever thought to start a business online or taking your offline business to online channel? If yes, then this post is for you explaining the challenges you face along with a solution which can address this issue.

The Challenge – Start business online

Setting up an online business environment has several parameters which are a mix of technical as well as operations. Setting up all these parameters for a non-IT based company can be especially relevant as they incur a high cost for development and several challenges to use and maintain it.

The Solution – MarketingPages.Co ready-to-use e-commerce business models

But the good news is that we have developed business solutions which are easy to setup and maintain, and you can start a business online in a matter of hours at very low costs. First of all, we have ready end-to-end solutions for the following Businesses:
  • eCommerce Business Solution – Do you want to start selling online? It is a useful solution for you.
  • Rental Business Solution – Do you rent out equipment, real estate or other assets? It is an apt solution for you.
  • Training & Online Courses – Do you run offline classes or would you like to start teaching online? It is a perfect solution for any teacher.
These solutions have been engineered with excellence rather than ones available in the market to provide every aspect of your businesses, including:
  1. Branding your Organization
  2. Online Sales & Payment Gateway Integration
  3. Digital Marketing Tools
  4. Business Management Tools
  5. Customer Experience Tools

Prominent Features to help you optimize your Business

Most of all solutions offered in the market are either static websites which just put your name on the web and do nothing for you. Due to this, we came up designing our own solutions which can offer so much more. Therefore these solutions help you optimally manage your day to day operations by tools such as:
  1. CRM & Lead Management System – Lets you follow-up and Track each and every Lead.
  2. End to end Order processing right from purchase, receiving payment and dispatch of product
  3. Pricing, Discount and Invoicing of products
  4. Staff activities and management
  5. Search Engine Optimization
  6. Social Media Integration and Marketing – Helps you to integrate with Facebook, Twitter and other social media channels for marketing
  7. Update your existing and prospect customers with inbuilt email marketing tool
  8. Customer Helpdesk for your customers accessing your online market
  9. Complaint Management
  10. Receive testimonials from client to enable trust among other customers

We are there to help you

The MarketingPages.Co is dedicated to helping you set up your business online, you can use our platform and do-it-yourself or we could build your portal for you. In addition to above-mentioned benefits, these solutions can help your business tremendously by taking your traditional business to a globally available and accessible e-shop. In conclusion, your start business online that consequently reaps great benefits for you. To learn more, please write to us at Support to know more.

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