Online sales leads are the future of marketing of product or services. Try and ask yourself the following questions.

  • Have customer footfall in your shops decreased?
  • Do you agree with growing competition has reduced your profit margins?
  • Can it be agreed that online market presence has affected brick and mortar businesses?

If yes then we have lead management system as a part of our offered business solutions which help to take your business online and at the same time generate online sales leads.

The businesses of every business is to stay in businesess, and to stay in business you need qualified Leads for your Business or Profession.

No business can survive only on existing customer base but greatly depends on retaining old customers and adding new customers to generate revenue and stay competitive, which depends on a sales lead which is really important. So then can this process of lead generation be done online?

The answer is yes!

A sales lead is a potential sales contact (individual or organization) that expresses an interest in your product or services. With the digital age on the rise, you need to choose the right balance and business solution which can allow your web portal to be your business representative and give a feedback on potential leads. A lead management system is need of the market.

Lead Generation Website for online business

Having said that, even when one is away and business functions, it adds great value to a business. While engineering business solutions at MarketingPages it was our goal that each business should be able to achieve 5 goals if they opt for our solutions at very low costs which are –

  1. Establish business as a brand value – Representing business on the web is one step to do it
  2. Add new sales channels. – Online sales channels are the new ones to be cached for online sales leads
  3. Improve market reach – Market reach is not limited to geographical places but to those who are interested in product or services
  4. Improve engagement levels of staff to achieve optimal operational efficiency
  5. Engage with the customer for their experience. The customer is king which has been the rule for decades in a business environment.

Typical Sales Life Cycle and relationship process

A typical sales life cycle looks like as follows:

  1. Prospect – People who subscribe to your list if they may have an interest in your product or service. This is where our marketing tools come in handy to you (email marketing, SMS marketing, whatsapp marketing).
  2. Marketing Qualified Lead – Someone who has not only subscribed but got in touch with you either a message or by connecting via social media and has clearly expressed interest in your products or service.
  3. Sales Qualified Lead – Someone from your sales team gets in touch with the lead and has explained the product or service in detail
  4. Opportunity – Your Sales team provides a proposal and cost estimates to the lead.
  5. Customer –The lead makes the necessary payments and buys the product or service, then the lead becomes a customer.

MarketingPages tools will help you implement the complet marketing and sale lifecycle above using their marketing tools.


What would your like to do for your Business / Profession?

Choose your Business or Profession Goal below and click Start Now!

Market & Sell my Products Online

  • If you are a store owner, sell products or are a manufacturer and would like to showcase and sell your products online then this business model is suitable your Business.
  • Start Selling Online with a powerful and flexible end-to-end e-commerce business solution with integrated product management, sales, marketing, administration & web portal management.

Market & Sell Services Online

  • Are you a service provider then this solution helps you to market and sell your services online, improve service visibility & market reach.
  • Use built in Digital Marketing tools to Market your Service and Generate leads Online. Follow-up with the prospects using digital marketing integrations.
  • Prepare and send estimates and quotes, track clients and projects, track time spent and include in billing and invoicing.

Rent Products or Assets Online

  • Ready to use solution to display and rent out assets online, be it real estate, equipment, cars, clothes, speakers, or anything else, If you are in the rental business then this solution is created for your Business.
  • Gives you perfect control over payment model you want to impose over each product or property and gives you a clear visibility of order calendars and product availability as per calendar dates.

Market Consultancy & Increase Sales

  • Are you a Consultancy then this solution helps you to brand and market your consultancy services online, get online bookings & improve service visibility .
  • Use built in Digital Marketing tools to Market your Service and Generate leads Online.
  • Provide Clients with a login area to download documents, check history & make payments.

Start Online Courses

  • Do you run your own classes or do you teach or you are some one who would like to teach online then, this business solution is developed for you.
  • Start your own classroom, design your own courses, teach online and charge fees for your courses, quiz your students so that they can get a feedback of their learning, keep motivation up of students in form of badges and certificates on achievements.

Generate Leads for my Business

  • If your Business does not fit into any of the above models then you can simply get a lead generation Website.
  • This solution will help you list your services or products online, and enable you to generate leads and sales for your Business.
  • Use the built in Digital Marketing tools to send out your brand message, offers and promotions to your prospects & clients on a regular basis.