If you are a business owner, consultant or freelancer, you might have already been thinking of having your own e-commerce Website.
  • However, You are probably thinking its really complex to create a online web presence and generate revenue using it.
  • If so, let us assure you, starting a online business is not a rocket science. It can become really easy to manage if you have the right tools and the right guidance.
We at MarketingPages are committed to help all medium, small, very small or individual based business do business online, we have built ready to use solutions with the right tools for your exact business needs.
  • Our dream is to bring about a change and prepare a solution which can generate entrepreneurs who can work from home or anywhere, creating 1000’s or 100000’s of online businesses catering to a local area or a city or a country or internationally.
  • A part of our dream is to bring our solutions to the vast pool of talented resource in our wonderful homes, yes these are the great moms who give up their jobs to take care of their little ones and family.
Hence, our thought was not to build a complex solution but One which is fun and easy to work with.

So, How is Online Business made easy?

Lets start with what are the components you need to easily start an online business? We tried to put it up as simple as possible.
  1. A web platform where you can host your business.
  2. A Content Management system that allows you to manage your site yourself.
  3. An e-commerce portal that helps you sell products or services online.
  4. A digital marketing platform which helps you market your website and products.
  5. Help and Support to use all the above tools.
Now that looks complex, but once we show you how, you can manage this system yourself.
  • Once you have an helping hand and we show you how to go about this platform, you can manage your own business online.
  • Now to make things easier, we have bundled all the above online business 5 needs together in one solution! And we have created specialized solutions based on individual types of businesses.